TensioTOM – High temperature tensiometer
wetting behavior of metal melts

Visualizing the dynamic wetting behavior
of metal melt at high temperature

CeDeD has developed and built a unique measuring device to customers' specifications, the high temperature tensiometer TensioTOM. On the basis of the proven thermo-optical measuring devices (TOM), it is possible for the first time to monitor the dynamic wetting behavior of metal melts at high temperatures of up to 1700 ° C. In an ultra-pure atmosphere and with 0.5 µm resolution, a high-speed camera tracks the behavior of molten metal.
With the so-called sessile drop method, up to 5 drop placements can take place in one experiment. This enables product and process improvements in metallurgy and other industries with high temperature processes.


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Nickel drop at 1550 ° C - wetting behavior


CeDeD DynaWet-TOM
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  • Ultra-high precise data acquisition of wetting angle
  • Sessile drop method with up to 5 placements in one experiment
  • Analysis via Laplace-Young fitting
  • Temperature up to 1700°C in ultra-clean atmosphere
  • 0.5 µm-high resolution optical measuring
  • Tilt table with up to 85° inclination
  • Variable movement of support material
  • Data transfer with up to 3500 MB/s
  • Low noise high reproducibility