Thermo-optical measuring systems for materials testing

The Center of Device Development CeDeD develops and manufactures thermo-optical measuring systems (TOM) for the in-situ characterization of materials according to customer-specific requirements. Specially designed TOM systems are able to realize industrial heat treatment processes on laboratory scale. Beside the development of special and customized TOM-systems, we offer service runs for our customers in our application Center to characterize the thermal behaviour of the materials under controlled temperature conditions. Dimensional changes, weight loss, viscosity,  creep behavior, e-modulus, thermal conductivity and other physical values are measured precisely. The non-contact and in most cases non-destructive measurements can be carried out within a temperature range starting with -40 °C up to 180 °C (climate tests) and with room temperature to 2400 °C (high temperature application) for several material classes (e.g. glass, ceramics, metal alloys).

The new developed TOM-systems combine different kinds of heating methods with vacuum technology, laser technology and robotics to achieve high automation level. TOM is a perfect tool for quality control in industrial production processes, applied by several global industry partners.

Our range of thermo-optical measuring devices



TOM_O2 combines a high temperature furnace with an optical dilatometer. A special optical system provides distortion free imaging during the heat treatment. Dimensional changes, melting and wetting phenomena can be investigated.



Monitoring the sintering shrinkage without mechanical impact on the sample by using TOM-AC, a furnace with controlled atmosphere and dilatometer, for optimizing processing parameters.



Characterization of refractory materials in terms of their resistance against thermal shocks with IR TOM.



In-situ characterization of materials and material combinations under changing and extreme climate conditions with KLIMATOM.



The high temperature tensiometer TensioTOM is a unique measuring device to customers' specifications. For the first time it is possible to monitor the dynamic wetting behavior of metal melts at high temperatures of up to 1700 °C.

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