Smart QCC - Quality control center

After production and calibration volumetric glassware such as pipettes and burettes must undergo a quality check to assure the accuracy of the calibration. This difficult task is mostly performed manually and thus involved a natural risk of faults. Only a well-trained and experienced operator was able to do the job – and even the best would still face a limit when testing small volumes. After the development of QCC, the first semi-automatic unit for quality checks, the competence team of CeDeD, comprising physicists, chemists and engineers with many years of experience in developing semi-automatic volumetric calibration units, goes on working hard to advance the system.

SmartQCC opens new horizons of quality control and guarantees easy and highly accurate test of volumetric and graduated pipettes, burettes, etc. The unit is much easier to handle as the first one and offers smart operation for users.


Automatic testing procedure

The testing procedure with standardized steps are executed automatically. The filling of pipettes and the adjustment of the camera is done by fast and easy to use joy stick technology. The meniscus searching is supported by a high resolution CMOS-camera with backlight which shows a zoomed life picture on the PC-screen. That enables a precise detection of every marking and meniscus all over a whole working day.


  • SmartQCC provides a high measuring and repeat accuracy up to 2µl tolerance.
  • Unlimited inspection of markings.
  • System-integrated balance- and printer-port for fast documentation.
  • Direct print-out of measured values (volume in ml, time to flow in s) in single or batch certificates can be aligned in design and content to customer wishes by himself with an easy to use software.
  • SmartQCC is highly flexible und easy to handle.
  • Low maintenance requirements and consequential costs due to highly reliable architecture of the SmartQCC.
  • Accordance to DIN standards.
  • System is CE-marked and designed for production purposes.

We constantly improve and adapt the machine to the latest state-of-the-art and customer requirements.

Our Service

  • Start-up and 5-day training for future operators
  • User manual including information on installation, set-up for job changes and maintenance requirements

Technical Data of Smart QCC

Performance testing speed of QCC (examples)
Volumetric pipettes:
Graduated pipettes:

(3 markings are inspected)
10 ml; 1.50 min/piece
10 ml; 3.00 min/piece
Burettes: 25 ml; 4.00 min/piece