AUTOJUST® CAM - Calibrating volumetric pipettes

The specially designed computer-controlled calibration unit AUTOJUST® CAM is a semi-automatic machine for adjusting volumetric glassware (volumetric pipettes, measuring pipettes and burettes (tubes)). The system measures the pipettes/burettes (tubes) volume by using demineralised water (in accordance with ISO 3696 quality 3)

Volume check of volumetric pipettes and burettes

The machine has one station and can be expanded by a second station, which can be controlled from the same computer. The stations can be operated by one person. The operator inserts a pipette/burette (tube) into the station and pushes a button to activate the calibration station. During the calibration process a defined amount of water is filled into the pipettes/burette and a high precision camera system searches automatically the meniscus and a marking will be set (automatic meniscus detection). When a station cycle is completed, the operator removes the calibrated volumetric glassware from the station, the next one is then inserted into the station and the calibration process is repeated.

The marking will be performed from the calibration unit by a pen as a line or a ring mark. Depending on the ordered equipment the marking can be also made with ceramic paint or by means of a grinding wheel. The system is common with the latest CE-standards and conceived for production purposes. The scope of supply includes start-up and training for the system. A manual will be provided which includes e. g. installation, set-up for job changes and maintenance requirements. We make constant efforts to improve and to adapt the machine to the latest state-of-the-art. Therefore it is possible that this description slightly deviates from the actual supply of the machine.

On the customer’s request the machines will be modified to suit the individual aspects desired.


Technical Data of AUTOJUST® CAM

Type: 50 ml
Dimensions 1st station: (LxDxH) 77 x 60 x 197 cm
Dimensions 2nd station: (LxDxH) 36 x 60 x 197 cm
Weight: 100 kg 1 Station,
150 kg 2 Stations
Volume range: 1 - 50 ml
Number of marks:
Volumetric pipettes
Measuring pipettes and burettes

On request the machine can produce up to 5 marks and a volume of more than 50 ml
Volumetric accuracy
Production rate with 1 station: Volumetric pipettes 10 ml
Graduated cylinders 10 ml
Burettes/tubes 5 ml
90 pcs/h
80 pcs/h
80 pcs/h
Volumetric pipettes: According DIN EN ISO 648:2008
Graduated cylinders: According DIN EN ISO 835:2007
Burettes: According DIN EN ISO 385:2005