SpeedCal - Automated testing of multi-channel pipettes

Calibration of multi-channel piston pipettes

Quality control in chemical, pharmaceutical and medical laboratories requires a regular calibration of multi-channel piston pipettes. This is usually a very time-consuming procedure as standards prescribe that every single channel must be tested several times. Many laboratories self-organize this calibration with high expenditure of time or it is outsourced to third party calibration services.


Your solution: Efficient testing with SpeedCal and SCM® - SpeedCal mobile

Simultaneous pipetting with up to 12 channels and automated simultaneous precise measurement (weightings) using 12 weighing cells in the stationary unit SpeedCal or 4, 8 or 12 cells in the SCM® - SpeedCal mobile allow for significant time savings and reliable results.

The new SCM® - SpeedCal mobile was conceived for flexible use. The compact unit may easily be moved and used at variable locations. The reduction to only 4 weighing cells in the basic configuration makes the SCM® - SpeedCal mobile a cost-efficient investment for laboratories and service providers who wish to check a high volume of multi-channel pipettes in a cost-efficient and time saving way.

The design enables the testing of 12 channel pipettes, testing 4 channels per segment at a time. A later upgrade to 12 weighing cells is possible. With this, calibration of 12 channel piston pipettes becomes possible in only 30 steps. The output of measurement results will be adapted to your pipetting software.

Technical Data of SpeedCal mobile SCM®

Testing according to DIN EN ISO 8655 with SCM® - SpeedCal mobile

According to your type of SCM®, 4, 8 or all channels of a 12 channel pipette will be measured simultaneously. Only 30 pipettings are required with a 12 channel SCM®; a 4 channel SCM® requires 90 pipettings. Results are displayed live on PC screen and are available for further handling. The scales reset automatically after each pipetting. Full weighing containers are emptied within seconds with the attachable extraction device.


SCM® - SpeedCal mobile advantages at a glance

  • Gravimetrical accuracy testing according to DIN EN ISO 8655 in your own lab
  • Up to 360 individual values for a 12 channel pipette in less than 10 minutes using the SCM® - SpeedCal mobile 12 channel version
  • Portable unit, easy to use
  • Available with 4, 8 or 12 weighing cells

SpeedCal and SCM® - SpeedCal mobile also allow for speedy testing of single pipettes. After pipetting into one weighing cell it is possible to use the next cell without waiting for transient effects. This allows testing single channel pipettes in half the time.

SpeedCal mobile - SCM® was developed by the Fraunhofer ISC and is distributed under license by the company Sartorius