KLIMATOM – Measuring materials under climate conditions

Materials analysis under defined climate conditions with KLIMATOM

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In-situ characterization of materials under climate change conditions

The Fraunhofer ISC´s Center of Device Development CeDeD has evolved a new analytical device for in-situ characterization of materials and material combinations with climate change conditions: KLIMATOM. In a unique way the KLIMATOM enables a non-contact and non-destructive contour analysis of different materials, whereby the shadow image of the sample is investigated.
Furthermore, it is possible to analyze in-situ material changes of transparent and translucent surfaces using transmitted light. In this occasion dimensional changes within defined temperature and humidity ranges can be measured and images in high-resolution CMOS technology can be obtained.

General benefit of KLIMATOM

  • On-line investigation of heat and/or cold effects
  • In-situ characterization of expansion, swelling and bending
  • On-line characterization of damage caused by extreme
    climatic conditions
  • Analysis of material combinations with different expansion coefficients
  • Determination of moisture sensitivity
  • Investigation of crystallization processes (e. g. precipitation in aqueous solutions)

Benefit of KLIMATOM for plastics

  • On-line characterization of plastics under changing and extreme climatic conditions
  • Analysis of plastic composites combining materials with different expansion coefficients
  • In-situ alteration and on-line comparison of separate plastic components

Benefit of KLIMATOM for building materials

  • Characterization of swelling and shrinking behavior of insulation materials, concrete and composite materials
  • Analysis of bending fracture and deflection under climatic conditions
  • Climatic stability test of insulation materials depending on the binder content
  • Examination of the functionality of different surface finishing processes

Benefit of KLIMATOM for coatings

  • Surface characterization of coatings for quality control of layer application and functionality (e. g. anti-fog, anti-ice, anti-dust)
  • Analysis of wetting behavior
  • Delamination of varnish systems under influence of temperature and/or humidity

Technical Data of KLIMATOM

Temperature range: -40 °C to +160 °C
Humidity range: 30 % to 95 % r.h.
CMOS camera system: resolution of 0.3 μm and 20 images per second
Lighting: 100 W LED array (wavelength selective)
Implemented measurement algorithm
Analysis/evaluation of height, width, area and volume