MediTOM – fully automated analysis

Non-invasive analytics of cell biological test systems: example malignant melanoma

With the development of a measurement system for automated tracking of tumor growth of pigmented tumor cells, the Center for Device Development CeDeD provides a new laboratory device for standardized and independent analysis of cell biological in vitro test systems.

The device and control software are specifically designed for precise detection of changes in 3D tissue models and can be integrated into incubators. They support validated evaluation as well as digital and centralized acquisition of analysis data.


Automation and digitization in the laboratory

The visualized analytics of tumor growth by a fully automated test device, a digital image data acquisition with real-time evaluation and tracking of the change of in vitro test systems as well as the visualization of the drug response enable a valid data basis in the digitalized, faster development of therapies and the selection of agents for individualized treatment.

MediTOM - Visualized Analytics
© Fraunhofer ISC
MediTOM - fully automated analysis
© Fraunhofer ISC

Control software

  • Camera activation with screenshot function
  • 3-axis control in x-, y- and z-direction
  • Exact and storable position approach
  • Positioning program can be saved in order to move
    to the exactly same position at the next attempt
  • Automatic recording after position approach

Image evaluation

  • Loading of several images
  • In the first step, simple evaluation of the area ratios
  • Definition of search areas
  • Determination of area sizes
  • Own software – analyzer

Technical Data of MediTOM

Height x Depth x Length (mm): 500 x 400 x 700
Weight: 20 kg
Temperature range: RT-40°C
Humidity range: 45-65%
CMOS-Chip-Technology: available
Lighting: Tunable lighting technology
Sampling rate: < 10s